About TENS

What is T.E.N.S.?


TENS is a non-invasive device to help you control your pain. TENS is a small and compact, battery operated unit that is very convenient to wear. You can wear a TENS unit in your belt or in your pocket. It has soft adhesive patches that are placed on the pain site. TENS, like pain medication, is available in different dosages and formulations. Some dosages and formulations work for some types of pain while other formulations work for other types. TENS provides a simple, safe, and effective solution to the problem of pain.

Are TENS Devices Safe?

Yes! TENS is non-invasive and without dangerous side effects.

Any Doctor can order a TENS unit?


How does Tens Relieve Pain?

There are two theories on how TENS relieves pain. The first is called the Gate Theory: the mild vibrating sensation stops the incoming pain messages from being interpreted by the brain as pain. This can be compared to a telephone network becoming overloaded with calls and your inability to get through! The second theory is the Opiate Theory: the mild vibration stimulates the production of endorphins, the bodies own natural pain killers, to help relieve the pain.

How Long Has TENS Been Used For Pain Control?

Tens is the result of years of research and development. It has been used for 30 years for the control and elimination of chronic and acute pain. It is used everyday in hospitals nationwide. TENS can help reduce or eliminate a patient's dependency on the pain-killer drugs that are commonly used.

Why does TENS Require A Perscription from a Doctor?

Pain is the natrual warning system of the body. It lets us know when we have been injured or when something is "wrong" in our body. Without pain, we may not always know when to seek help from a doctor or when to remove ourselves from danger. But when the injury heals, and the pain persists, the pain becomes a chronic pain that serves no useful purpose.

A doctor should check these warning signs of pain and determine the cause. The Doctor will then prescribe the appropriate treatment for the pain. Perscription and non-perscription medication have a number of side effects and contradictions. TENS has proved efficacy and has no major side effects. Therefore, your doctor may perscribe TENS as the most appropriate long term treatment for you.

If TENS has been available for so long, why have I never heard of it?

Until now, TENS has primarily been used in the physical therapy department of your local hospital. Recently the technology has been advanced to where the unit is now small enough that it can be worn while you are doing normal living daily activites. Physicians are increasingly concerned about managing their patients who are in pain by offering a non-narcotic, non-addicting alternative to conventional drug therapy.


DO NOT use TENS if you have a Demand Type Pacemaker.

DO NOT pu the electrodes over the eyes, or on the carotid arteries, larygeal or pharyngeal area. Safety of TENS during pregnancy has not been established.